Bulgaria Web Summit 2018: News and Updates

An awesome event about the modern web.

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Bulgaria Web Summit 2018 Sponsorship Prospectus


Bulgaria Web Summit 2018 is an annual technology conference, since 2004, about the modern web.

Benefit: Practical lessons which you can immediately apply in your work and thus gain time and money. The attendance fee is actually an investment. An investment in yourselves.

Community: A balanced mixture of participants and speakers working in programming, design, marketing and business development. Find partners, colleagues or ideas to develop.

Some numbers about BWS 2018

Your benefits as a sponsor

Audience Profile (by occupation), 2017 data

Audience Profile (by area), 2017 data

450 geeks from 21 countries and 4 continents

Personalize your experience

We are very flexible and we can offer you a lot of lucrative and optional solutions, which can be tailored in accordance with your wishes. Another interesting fact is that in spite all the professionalism and quality, offered by the events, we do not do it for money, but to give a chance to anyone willing to draw on all the knowledge and experience we have and offer.

If you want to reach an audience of more than 800 people, inseparably connected to web, Internet, technology and business, and an audience of more than 50 000 people, who will read in the news about this event, get in touch with us so we can find the best way for you to participate

We have several advertising sites, which we offer at your disposal. Starting from the website, through the conference halls and getting at the party.

You can count on audio, video, games, lotteries,sessions and any other type of standard and not-so standard advertising.

Look at the example packages and select the things that can help you achieve your goal, then contact us and we will tailor together your package.

Price: BGN 200-8900, without VAT

Premier Level

Maximum brand visibility

Price: BGN 8900, without VAT

Platinum Level

Great way to attract participants if you want to hire or get to know your business by interacting with the attendees.

Price: BGN 7800, without VAT

Gold Level

Maximum brand visibility

Price: BGN 5000, without VAT

Silver Level

Price: BGN 3700, without VAT